Temporary Exhibitions for greater sales

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Temporary Exhibitions for greater sales Empty Temporary Exhibitions for greater sales

Post  jerrick on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:51 am

Temporary property exhibitions organized in different parts of the country helped to create awareness about the recent developments in real estate in Kerala.  The concept of traveling exhibitions is also getting popular now.  Due to the phenomenal appreciation in Real Estate Cochin City is now the favored venue in Kerala for property shows and building expos.  In any property show in Cochin, you can see the participation of builders and realtors from all parts of the globe.
For the leading builders with operations at national and international levels, Cochin City’s leading property expos are so important.  Perhaps in no other city in Kerala can you see so much business transactions taking place under the same roof and that too in such a short period. 
Realtors from overseas destinations consider that the purchasing power of the people of Cochin is more than that of people living in other parts of the state.  High cost luxury apartments and villas have takers only in this city.  To speed up the real estate developments, the government has eased the rate of interest for housing loans and thus major developments are expected in the near future.
Even though the temporary exhibitions are increasing in number, due to the current global recession, sales have also declined.  Even then, marketing executives report that such exhibitions do have a major impact on the public and the follow up done after an exhibition is seen to have better results.
A glut in the market always causes stagnation in prices.  The same is the case with the real estate sector as well.  In Cochin, the local people do not have the capacity to invest in such high-cost amenities.  But the leading builders are able to sell off the high cost luxury apartments and homes by marketing it in property shows in North America and the Middle East.  The targeted groups include the Non-resident Indians from the city.


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